Looking for a Greece visa or Schengen visa to Greece?

South African passport holders can now apply for a Greece visa online. It does not matter where you are in South Africa Easy Visas will be able to help you obtain your visa to Spain. A Schengen visa is required for South Africans travelling to Greece and needs to be obtained prior to arrival.

How does it work?

IMPORTANT: All applicants need to submit their Visa applications in person no longer than 3 months ahead of their journey and no later than 15 calendar days prior to departure.

Easy Visas will assist clients by checking applications, scheduling appointments, paying the visa costs and meeting the client at the application centre to assist with the processing of the application. Once the application is finalised we will collect and return it to the client.

Applicants who have had bio-metrics (fingerprints) taken after 1 June 2013 need not appear in person. Easy Visas will be able to apply on their behalf. Please note that some Consulates still require all applicants to appear in person, even if they have had their fingerprints taken previously. We will check with the Embassy/Consulate after receiving the application and advise whether or not to appear in person.

Greece visa requirements

A visa to Greece requires the following: Completed Schengen application forms, Copy of return flight ticket, showing full routing from and to SA, Travel insurance for Greece, proof of accommodation, bank statements, employment letter, photographs and passport. (Please note this list is not exhaustive)

Travel Insurance

It is compulsory to have a valid travel insurance policy for Greece.

Travel insurance can be taken out with Regent travel Insurance or Travel Insurance Consultants (TIC). (Alternatively you can compare South African travel insurance.)

Regent has a policy called ‘Schengen Visa Cover’ which is the most cost effective policy for travellers to this region.

Purchase your travel insurance policy online now. Simple 4 step process. Purchase with a debit or credit card securely.

Apply now for a Greek visa

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