Looking for an Australian Visa?

South African passport holders can now apply for an Australian visa online. It does not matter where you are in South Africa,  Easy Visas will be able to help you obtain your visa to Australia. A visa is required for South Africans travelling to Australia and needs to be obtained prior to arrival.

How does it work?

All nationalities require a visa to enter Australia (with the exception of New Zealand passport holders).

Only compassionate or compelling reasons will be considered for priority processing of applications.

An air ticket IS NOT a visa requirement and applicants are strongly advised not to purchase an application until the visa grant notice has been received from the High Commission.

Australia issue a label free visa and it is not necessary to submit a physical passport.

A minimum of 30 days are required to process this application.

Travel Insurance

For travellers 75 and above, evidence of travel or medical/health insurance that provides coverage in Australia or evidence that you have sufficient funds to cover any potential private hospital costs in Australia.

Senior Travel insurance can be taken out with Regent travel Insurance or Travel Insurance Consultants (TIC). (Alternatively you can compare South African travel insurance.)

If travel insurance is not necessary for your Australian visa it is still recommended to take it out for any unforeseen situations.

Purchase your travel insurance policy online now. Simple 4 step process. Purchase with a debit or credit card securely.

How to apply for an Australian visa?

Complete the ‘visa request form’ on the right hand side. You can then access our visa quote system and download the Australian visa application forms and visa requirements.